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One of the most healthy tropical fruits, essential in every diet and with multiple culinary possibilities.

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Cherimoyas from the Costa Tropical

One of the treasures of Granada, valued in the whole country. Its growing and post-harvest is a traditional artisan procedure.

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Mangoes grown
in the Costa Tropical

Our region is the only one in Europe with the perfect weather conditions to plant this fruit.

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Loquats from Granada
with an unique flavor

Originating from a selection from the best farmers of the province, loquats from Frutas Fajardo are tasty and refreshing.

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Loquats from Granada
with an unique flavor

The queen of citrus fruits, the unquestionable star of fruit juices. We cut the fruit on demand to ensure the maximum freshness.

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Hass, Fuerte and Bacon varieties



A delicate subtropical wonder Local varieties.



Tropical delicacies acclimatized to the coast of Granada. Unique taste.



Acid and sweet at the same time, our spring fruit



Navelina and Salustiana oranges, with own production from Seville

From our own crops

We are growers of our own tropical fruits and we take care of them as much as the farmers we work with, with whom we collaborate and share the same philosophy.

Sabor, Frescura

The agricultural holding with the widest range of tropical fruits of Europe

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