We are dedicated to the production and distribution of tropical fruits in Granada sin many years now. It was by the middle of the XX century where the first generation of our family took a chance with the first crops of cherimoya of the Costa Tropical of Granada. Just over twenty years ago, we consolidated the company under the brand Frutas Fajardo and since then we have introduced new varieties and tropical fruits, trying to diversify our production until achieve, in the XXI century and with the grandchildren of the pioneers, the most complete selection of tropical fruits of south Europe.

In Frutas Fajardo, our staff is as important as the roots for a tree. Being a family-run company, all of our employees are connected between each other with the same level of commitment, making up a solid and functional team. From the administrative department we take care of the welfare of each branch, promoting our continuous training and professionalization in order to offer the best service possible to our clients and reference farmers, who deserve the best reward for the work they do. Because of this, all our departments answer to a quality control area which certifies the compliance with the sector’s standards and requirements. Thanks to our rigorous compliance with the requirements on the good agricultural practices protocol GLOBAL – G. A. P., we have the ISO 9001:200 quality certificate and the stamp of Calidad Certificada from the Junta de Andalucía.


Improve people’s health and quality of life through the consumption of the healthiest tropical fruit and with the best quality in all its applications.


With the incorporation of new farmers and the scheduled expansions, we aim to lead the tropical fruit market and internationalize our products to bring the taste of our region to the world.


Without the rigorous observance of the environment, far beyond the existing regulations, we simple could not exist. Our environment and the professionalism of our team of employees are our top priorities.

Departamento Administración


Administrative coordination, staff selection and contact with providers and professionals

Departamento Área Comercial


Search for new growers and expansion areas for the distribution and commercialization of our products.

Departamento Técnicos


Expert advice for associated growers and for our own crops.

Departamento Producción


Support to farmers and own production, preservation and storage control